Monday, April 5, 2010

A Flea Market Morning

This Wednesday's morning was a beautiful morning -- the first in many months!  It was right out of a Rogers & Hammerstein musical -- at least one comes to mind.  But this morning was absolutely golden!  I tend to suffer in the winter months, not from snow, but from lack of sunlight.  I suppose I'm a S.A.D.  person. But, for me,  getting outside to enjoy a sunny morning is one of the true joys of Spring.  I love to take the camera and just go. I'm a real road trip gal so even if it's only 30 miles it's a trip. That's good enough for me!

Since I could find no like-minded adventurous soul to join me on my journey I decided to head out alone for the local Wednesday morning Indiana flea market in nearby Brookville.  White's Flea Market is rain or shine, all year long.  It's mostly outdoors so it tends to photograph well and this market is one of the bigger flea markets in the area that doesn't run on the weekend.  That means it's not quite so crowded and the selections are more flea market and less schlock.  I'd rather stay home than wade through massive crowds looking for all the As Seen On TV stuff.

 There were beautiful eggs, but I have already have a refrigerator bursting at the seams with eggs!  Anyway -- I buy my eggs from a local gal who free-ranges her chickens and delivers to my door.  Who can beat that, I ask you?
 This market has very agricultural feel -- something that appeals to me. I'm a country girl at heart. I love my high heels but I love the country too..  Perhaps some might view this market as a little too agricultural...

It can be a a little woodsy.  Let's just say you should  leave your PETA membership at the door...

... and not look too closely at everything you may run across.

Just like a raccoon, I'm fascinated by light through glass and all things shiny. Colored, crystal, clear, frosted, makes no difference to me. It's all beautiful and I want it all...

But, sometimes I'll lose my chance while looking through the lens.  You've just gotta grab quick!

And I just loved that little bird house!

I thought long and hard about these Souix Chief prints. They were torn from old calendars.  Handsome faces that remind me of my father.

I bought a few plants from several vendors -- making sure the sellers were small farmers and the plants were not grown from any agri-conglomerate-produced seeds.  I'm boycotting the conglomerate owned-produced seeds and plants.  This is definitely fodder for future posts. Let's just when a hand full of companies own and have patented 75% of all the DNA strings of the plants we use for food, let's just say it's getting a little Soylent Green out there for my comfort.

Didn't buy any strawberries though... waiting for the local producers and u-picks.

There was some beautiful preserves at this flea market...

I loved seeing all the flea market canned goods - the colors and preparations were beautiful but I wasn't tempted to buy. I can and preserve. But, according to my husband, I have plenty of canned goods languishing away in the basement, neglected and unused.  It's a crime of which I am guilty.  I love to preserve the bounty of the summer months, but forget that I have it when winter rolls around.

Dave doesn't know it but this summer I plan on getting my preserving mojo on in a big way -- canning more than ever.  We're putting in raised beds, making compost, and starting our own seedlings from organic and heirlooms seeds. I'm getting my fingernails dirty again -- gardening and working on some earth-mother projects and posts.  I am  so, so excited about all this! My needs are simple, what can I say. Grow it, preserve it, forget it -- that's my motto You just can't have enough beautiful jars of canned goods in the basement!  Just not possible. And this summer is the first in quite awhile that I'll have time to really garden and preserve.  What fun!  Poor D. He gets to lug it all down the stairs when I'm done with it. I'm so looking forward to Summer!

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