Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Girl Scout Cookie Conundrum

or Why Is That Green Box is Empty?

My daughter meant well when she dropped off a box of Thin Mints. Not living at home most of the year, she doesn’t realize I’m trying to give up all colorful cardboard packages covered with broadly smiling youthful feminine faces -- the commercially baked variety, anyway. I can control my behavior to some degree but not my college sophomore daughter’s.  She thought I would  “love some Girl Scout Cookies.”
Yup, it’ that time of year. The troops are out in full force – in front of the bank, grocery stores, most churches, just about everywhere you look. It’s pretty hard to miss the strategically placed folding tables with their beautifully arranged mountains of rainbow boxes -- tables manned by the girls in green. I avoid making eye contact – it’s the only thing that can save me from interacting those sweet young faces with their plump fingered outstretched hands – their merit badges  displayed proudly on their patch covered uniforms. If I interact, I succumb to the temptation, cash changes hands, and pounds are gained.  I have absolutely no will power. 

To be honest, I prefer those succulent, semi-savory, little peanut butter sandwich jobbies in the bright orange box.  They are my first preference in the conga line of green-clad-gal proffered tasty delights. I’ll take any of ‘em. – stack them up right here,  real high, and don’t try to delude yourself into thinking I’ll share.  Sharing is not part of my Girl Scout Cookie season lexicon… doesn’t compute.   

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