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I'm a really nice person, honest!  I realize there are  boatloads of exclamation points and italics in this little piece but I need 'em. I have to make this one little point...

All intellectual property displayed on this site is copyrighted and protected by international law. There, I've said it as plainly as I can. I've been dealing with intellectual property theft issues for over twenty years. It's a drag.  There's nothing like surfing the web or reading a magazine article, seeing your work or words plopped somewhere without your permission.  I don't mind being quoted - it's flattering.  But at the very least, attribute. That doesn't make it right, but it's better than nothing.   It's always nice to be asked first! I hate having my photography displayed without my permission -- especially when it's a crappy screen capture. It makes me look bad and the borrower look like -- well you know what it looks like 'cause that's what it is!

I think it's the nature of photography -- the gazillion digital prints on a flashcard, the 12-cent print from Wal-Mart. If it's only 12 cents,  it can't be valuable... Never mind that $20,000.00 worth of equipment, not to mention 20 plus years of education, experience and dedication, to a profession, created that 12-cents worth of paper and emulsion otherwise known as the print.  I'm ranting here, but I've had a long time to think about this issue.  It's the 12 cent print -- that's the culprit!  

Digital photography has made the craft so much more accessible to us all.  You don't need $20 grand worth of equipment to take a great photo.  Just a point and shoot and a nice printer and you're in business. You can take really great photos with point-and-shoot cameras!  Just read the manual first and go shoot.  I just bought my daughter a point-and-shoot and gave her the same advice.  I've been absolutely awed by fantastic images created by my students and others with inexpensive cameras.  The awe comes not from the pricey equipment, but the eye, the composition, the thought that went into the capture of light. Once one takes the time to learn a bit about composition and light, the photographic door opens. That's the key. The true joy of the medium, whether film or digital,  is that everyone's eye is different and there is enough light out there for all of us to capture, uniquely! So please capture your own light and leave mine alone -- unless you ask for permission.

I love to teach photography.  It truly is an artistic medium from which anyone, given enough thought and commitment,  can get a thoroughly satisfying artistic thrill!  I love helping someone feel that creative thrill. There's nothing like it! The photographer's  knowledge that I created this, I and no one else.  It is unique! It's mine! So when folks try to devalue that effort, either through thievery or deceit, I just get angry.  I don't like being angry.  So, please, please, just ask.  I'd do that for you and if you ask, I'll probably say okay!

Enough ranting.  Here's the bottom line.  All intellectual property, including written content and photographic imagery displayed on this site and any other Equimage® Media Site, is copyrighted. All rights reserved. No Tasting Out Loud or Equimage® Media content may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the copyright holder (that's me)  and all rights are strictly reserved by the copyright holder.   I have pursued and will continue to pursue any and all  infringements. Please save us both the trouble.  If you are interested in using any intellectual property contained on this, or any of my other sites, in any form, please ask first. If you use anything contained here as inspiration, please attribute.   I'll do the same for you. Thanks! 

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