Friday, October 15, 2010

Cone Flower Freebie

Contrary to a lick-happy little white dog's opinion, not all things called cones are created just to torment him. Some  provide pleasure. During the height of Summer, I received a nice cone flower plant from a gal on Freecycle®. Freecycle® is a treasure trove of freebie plants.  I bet I snagged 15 or so this past summer.

Of Cones, Cabbages, and Kale

The kind of thing I shoot when I'm working...
For the past three weeks the 2010 World Equestrian Games kept me hopping. In my other life, I'm and equine photographer and writer - someone who concentrates on the equine industry as their photographic and journalistic specialty. Obscure to be true. So for the past three weeks I've worn my other hat exclusively.  I've shot over 6000 frames and posted 230 times on my other site.  I've been working -- working my tail off -- just not here. That's what I love about cooking -- it's not horses...

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