Friday, October 15, 2010

Cone Flower Freebie

Contrary to a lick-happy little white dog's opinion, not all things called cones are created just to torment him. Some  provide pleasure. During the height of Summer, I received a nice cone flower plant from a gal on Freecycle®. Freecycle® is a treasure trove of freebie plants.  I bet I snagged 15 or so this past summer.

Fruit of my watering-the-freebie-labor...
When I picked the cone flower up,  sitting forlornly in it's cardboard box at the end of a driveway, the plant was pretty far gone - dried up and teetering on the brink. Being the wounded dog type that refuses to accept defeat, I nursed that little plant along - all summer.  It lived - however  showing no signs of  blooming. But, as soon as cooler weather finally rolled around, my little orphan plant surged forth with vigor  -  bursting into bloom!  Burst may be an exaggeration.  Pop is more like it. A couple of blooms - but they're beauties. Makes the whole summer of watering and watering worth the effort! Now if it only makes it to spring...

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