Friday, April 9, 2010

Pfoto Pfriday -- Photovisi

Pfridays are for Pfhotography, at least when I have something valuable to contribute (therefore it may not be every single Friday that I post on photography since I'm a bit of a slacker when it comes to working on the best day of the week...).  I taught photography for years, and when I run across something I think others will find valuable, I like to pass the info along.  I have run across this bomb of a site that allows you to create very cool photo collages for FREE! That's right, for FREE! Photovisi allows you to upload, very quickly I might add, up to 30 of your photos and drop them into one of their styling collage templates, then download them to your computer or send them out for printing on various surfaces - mugs, prints, calendars - you know the usual photographic emulsion suspects.

This site is blazing fast. Below, I offer a couple of collage examples I whipped up in about 60 seconds each -- seriously!  These photos were something I put together to illustrate a series of podcasts my college student daughter produced. (Collages for college?  Hmmmm -- what a difference one little letter makes.) While these images do illustrate a serious subject (drinking and sexual assault on college campuses -- growing more serious every day), the collage tool on Photovisi is just a plain ol' photographically-good time! 

You can move the images around, re-size, insert a background image, add a pattern or graphic you created in Photoshop, whatever.  The sky is the limit! So go out to and collage your brain's out! And did I mention it's FREE?
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